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Allahna Jaylah
Forrest Yoga, yoga therapy,
shamanic healing, music healing,

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About Allahna Jaylah

Allahna Jaylah is a potent and expansive individual who has spent 33 years helping people with her innate healing and intuitive abilities.
Able to sense the inherent essence behind life’s experiences, to hear, see and feel energy outside the ‘normal’ senses since a very young age, Allahna surmounted great adversity as a result of childhood abuse and excruciating relational dynamics.
After many years of struggle she has ultimately healed herself from trauma sustained in this life and from past lives. And with the deep resonant wisdom earned through her healing process, has helped thousands of others on their own healing journey.
Allahna is a skilled intuitive healer and Behavioural Scientist, holding a medicine bag brimming with tools such as Yoga Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Energy Medicine, Music Healing and Kinesiology to bridge the mainstream and holistic, Spiritual worlds.  She guides people through the hero’s journey of healing their trauma and teaches them to recognise and embrace their own genius in a way that makes sense in everyday life.
Allahna is a vibrant person, who is grounds in the Spiritual and connects with her clients through her expansive presence, authenticity, playfulness and kindness. Relatable, authentic and fun, she teaches by example, that full recovery from trauma (even sexual trauma) and addiction are not only possible but embracing your own intuitive gifts and unique genius is key to living a fulfilling and extraordinary life.

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Allahna has changed my life!

I have been doing Yoga classes and private sessions with her for around 6 months.

I'm extremely excited and forever grateful, because I got to go for a run this morning, for the first time in 2 years.
I am connected to my true self and my body now more than I ever had been before.

I have much more clarity now that Allahna has helped me

release stress and emotions that had been building up

and causing me increasing illness and pain for years. 
My Lupus and Hashimotos have improved so much
that I have been able to half my meds already. 
This is HUGE!


Gwyn: Nurse Manager

Contact Allahna

0432 737 333


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