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Song of Mother Earth

ngyambaa yugal

indigenous Music therapy, cultural Stories and Meditation​

Come and be taken on a mystical journey, feel your subtle energy move scintillatingly through you and relax into deeply enchanting states of consciousness. Your body will drink in the delicious healing vibrations and you will feel and be, changed.

These are some of the proven health benefits: 

  • Reduced stress, as the stress hormones are moved out of your body.

  • More energy and life force - Increase oxygen levels and regulate blood pressure.

  • Decreased depression and better sleep with improved melatonin levels.

  • Reduced pain with increased endorphins.

  • Increase feelings of trust and love with More oxytocin.


Ngyambaa Yugal plays beautiful indigenous musical meditations to connect you to our Mother Earth. these Magical sounds hold ancient wisdom that has been emcoded by wise ancient indigenous peoples for many thousands of years. Take a sacred pause, your body will reecognise this wisdom and you will experience the mystical inside of you.


You will subtly or unconsciously remember how it is to live in harmony with earth and with each other. Ngambaa Yugal offers messages of Love, that are beyond words and time, through the universal language of music.


Ngyambaa Yugal means ‘Song of Mother Earth’ in Gamilaroi language. It is also the name of an artistic collaboration between Gumaroy Newman, an Indigenous Song Man, Cultural Educator and Master Yidiku (didgeridoo) player descending from the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka Nations, and Music Therapist, Forrest Yoga Teacher, Yoga Therapist and Energy Medicine Healer, Allahna Jaylah.


The two unite to form a powerful blend of Indigenous music, song, poetry, and yoga. Their workshops explore our connection with our own Spirit, and the Spirits of Earth. Their transformative co-creations will take you on a magical journey through Australia’s unique and beautiful soundscapes and into your own internal wilderness. 


Gumaroy with his Yidaki, song and Indigenous stories, and Allahna, with her Crystal Bowls, Handpan, Native American Flutes, drums and other beautiful instruments, together create moving and healing meditative experiences interwoven with earth tones, animal simulation and echos of natural lore. 

The use of sound as a healing tool goes back thousands of years and science now shows it rearranges molecular structure. These sessions will bring about healing, transformation and help you manifest Harmony, Love, Compassion and Gratitude in your life.

Sound can transform fear and trauma into ecstasy.
It transmutes not just emotions but the very elements themselves. 
In traditional cultures, the Earth is known to be alive and so
we have a living relationship with Mother Earth through sound itself. 

What you can expect

  • Sacred Smoke Cleansing Ceremony.

  • Indigenous Song, story and poetry.

  • Gentle movement to get your body's energies flowing.

  • Captivating guided Musical Meditation through the Australian landscape.

  • Chakra journey for balance and restoration.

  • Return to wholeness.

  • Embody Spirit.

  • Feel more like You.

  • Feel energised and inspired.


Upcoming Workshops

Sunday July 18th: 6.30 - 8.30 pm

The Leela Centre, Darlinghurst


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