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Transformation and healing

Beauty Full words

I’d been going to talk therapy for years and was getting nowhere. I’d been ignoring my emotions for a long long time and just using my brain, and it was making me miserable. When I came to Allahna’s Forrest Yoga classes I felt I could trust her, and I’ve never trusted anyone in my life.


I was doubting myself in every way, I felt Allahna believed in me. My body became more strong and open and I could start to connect with my emotions and listen to my body.


I also went to regular healing sessions with Allahna and I felt better after every session and gained a different perspective on life. I felt cared for for the first time ever! The inner child work we did helped me make sense of how my childhood trauma was still affecting my life. I am grateful that I can now detach myself from other peoples drama and have stronger emotional boundaries. I am still learning. I have the confidence now to go after my new career and change my life.


The music and movement fed my Soul.

Thankyou Allahna, you are a truly unique, kind and honest person and you have changed my life.

Rebecca G. Revell


Transformation is the most exciting and fulfilling thing you can do - because your spirit knows it is what you are here for - to come home to yourself, grow wiser AND bring your gifts to the world.

Transformation requires you come to know yourself and learn to respect, like and eventually Love yourself. In this process, you start to make choices that support your healing and are aligned with your Spirit.

Your health, happiness, intelligence and fulfilment on all levels will flourish when you make choices and take actions to support yourself in this way.

If you feel any of these things:

  • Stuck?

  • disconnected from yourself or the world?

  • overwhelmed by intense emotions?

  • mood swings for no apparent reason?

  • anxiety and/or depression?

  • memory problems not due to medical conditions?

  • flashbacks (re-experiencing the memory like it is happening now)

  • concentration problems or other cognitive issues?

  • urges to behave compulsively?

  • Identity confusion?

  • or chronic physical illness and pain that is resistant to mainstream medical approaches?


If you answered yes to any of these you are possibly stuck in some unprocessed trauma.

Allahna can help you to heal the trauma and free yourself from its effects on your life. 

It is really exciting when you understand how our physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual bodies are connected and permeate each other. Because then you can start to strategically approach the adventure of your healing from different angels and respond to what you need. You come to feel the changes deeply and you begin to fascinate upon the mystery inside of you!​




On top of dealing with the current global upheaval -  many of us have implicit (stored in the body) memories of terrible things that have happened to us (or our ancestors), that keep being triggered.




When a traumatic event happens we feel dissociated, a sense of 'unreality' as the mind and spirit separate from the body. Sometimes it is just a mild 'zoning out' but often the dissociation intensifies, as we numb, and struggle to focus. Sometimes our brain cannot successfully process our experience and emotions. then we become 'stuck' in this dissociated state with often debilitating long-term effects including pain and illness.

We all carry ancestral trauma in our genes (see epigenitics) so if we feel triggered and don't know why, this may hold the answers you seek. When we heal our ancestral trauma we help our entire ancestral line (past, present and future).


Integrative Healing

We are a living eco-system - body, mind emotions and Spirit. All parts are reflected in the other parts and each aspect is superimposed over, through and within the others.  And so we can facilitate powerful transformation when we approach healing in multiple ways. 


Allahna is an intuitive detective and can help you make the connections between the different parts of yourself.  Identifying the parts of you that are hurt because of what was done to you in the past. These parts are healed and integrated so you become more whole and can move forward without fighting against yourself. 


Below are some of the tools I draw from in my healing sessions:

  • Music Therapy

  • Kinesiology and Acupressure

  • Inner Child Work

  • Breathing Techniques

  • Forrest Yoga & Yoga Therapy

  • Mindfulness and Somatic Processing

  • Chakra balancing

  • Reiki/Energy Healing

  • Ceremony 

I help people experiencing a crisis. I help people who have been trying to heal trauma from the past but still carry the triggers and sabotaging behaviours such as addictions.

I also help people who want regular or occasional energy alignment tune-ups. This is a blissful session bringing you to feel more whole, energised, clear and passionate about life.

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