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Allahna Jaylah Yoga

Move the body, soothe the mind, release the emotions and ignite the Spirit 

Group Classes
Private Sessions


Flow Yoga

Fun & invigorating sequences of moves. Enjoy the sensuality of moving gracefully with your breath. 

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Hatha Yoga

Combination of movement and stillness. A strengthening and stretching practice. Feel, breathe, get embodied. Find the pleasure and presence in simplicity.

Forrest Yoga

Strengthening combination of flow and breathing deep into the strong, aligned holds. Creative, therapeutic and deliciously invigorating.


Yin Yoga

A meditative practice turning your awareness inside. Deep & gentle stretching with long holds to release habituated tension patterns in your body. 


Yoga Therapy

Heal and rehabilitate injuries and misalignments in your body. Learn to listen to your body and Feel empowered with the skills to heal yourself.  Your whole relationship with your injuries will change.


Arm Balance Wokshops

Learn to safely build the alignment and skill for exhilarating arm balances. There is a stage that you can do! Increase your confidence & courage & have fun!



Practice going beyond your busy mind. Learn to come deeper inside & luxuriate in the spaciousness. Get quiet enough to listen to your intuition.



Learn from Shamanic practices & wisdom. Tune lovingly into the powers within & around you. Become the conscious creator of your life aligning with Spirit.

Allahna's classes are fun and offer options to suit any experience level and ability. Her class sequences are intelligent and safe. All her practices focus on deep self-compassionate breath, mindfulness, kindness and ease. Allahna is passionate about teaching students to gently move out tension, relieving pain and suffering and finding pleasure in their body through their yoga that can translate into daily life.  Allahna lives her yoga and teaches by transmission, helping people to experience the joy of embodying their Spirit through their yoga practice.

Allahna is an amazing, patient and funny yoga teacher!


Her lessons are always the highlight of my week.


The lessons are always very relaxing, therapeutic and she is very attentive to my body’s needs each week tailoring the lesson to help me.

Thanks Allahna




Allahna is an amazing yoga teacher ! I really enjoy her classes with the music and deep wisdom she shares.


After every class I feel more calm and peaceful.


As well as in the studio, she has taught twice in my home and they were wonderful classes and my friends loved them.

Amy Ava

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