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Healing and Care
 for every body
and all abilities

(NDIS available)

Allahna Jaylah specialises in supporting people

with a disability or challenges in these areas:​

  • Trauma and its related symptoms

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Eating disorders

  • Addictions

  • Brain injury

  • Intellectual disabilities

  • Cancer 

  • Long term complex trauma

  • Domestic violence

  • Chronic inflammation and pain

  • Immune system dysfunction

  • Dissociation and separation from your body

And is committed to providing compassionate, wholehearted adaptable programs for individuals to support their modern lifestyle and spectrum of movement.

Allahna is registered through NDIS as a:

  • Yoga Therapist

  • Behaviour Therapist

  • Music Therapist


Online or in-person sessions available.

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Yoga Therapy

Allahna is a highly qualified Yoga Therapist and Forrest Yoga Ambassador who can empathically and skilfully adapt the yoga to fit your needs. You will feel cared for.

Some of the many benefits are:

  • Reduced stress

  • Less anxiety & depression

  • Enhanced focus

  • Increased flexibility & mobility

  • Change your relationship with your body and your challenges

  • Clearer thought

  • Strengthen your core and connect to the core of who you are

  • Increased general strength

  • Resilience to cope with daily worries

  • Frequent feelings of joy & happiness

  • Feel more “in control” of your mind & body

  • Feel more connected to YOU & your body

  • Feel more whole


Yoga is not about trying to force your body into funny shapes.


Allahna will work with you to carefully select poses and practices to help you with your challenges. 

She will help you creatively adapt the yoga using props like pillows, blankets, blocks, straps and chairs to support you. It should feel really GOOD in your body.

Then you learn to use your breath and awareness to move the stress/fear/anxiety etc. out of your body and bring in some better feelings.


It is very therapeutic, and you will feel relaxed and happy and have a sparkle in your eyes.


We ditch the 'dis' and focus purely on your individual Abilities.


You will be empowered!

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Behaviour Therapy

As a behavioural Scientist and NDIS Behaviour Specialist Allahna understands that everyone sometimes does things that have consequences they don't want and that they regret.


This is a learning process and a healthy growth pattern would be to change the behaviour next time.


BUT When we continuously repeat the unwanted behaviour, it becomes problematic.

Allahna specialises in understanding behaviour and creating strategies that empower her clients and encourage learning.

Here are some ways Allahna helps her clients:

  • Getting clear on what behaviours you are doing that have have negative consequences. 

  • Allahna will listen carefully to your needs and design a program with you to help you achieve your personal goals.

  • Allahna will provide you with assistance with clear and understandable steps to take on a daily basis.

  • Support with motivation and staying track to your behaviour goals.

  • Learning how to get back on track when you make a mistake.

  • Ongoing measurement of progress so you can see clearly how you are going.

  • Help with arranging your environment to promote your wellbeing and learning.

  • Learning to reward yourself in a positive and healthy way when you do well.

  • Help with human connection and socialisation skills.

  • Support to broaden and strengthen your repertoire of skills and interests.

  • Improve your enjoyment of life.

  • Give you support and tools to feel empowered and more in control.

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Music Therapy

Allahna plays some Beatifull ambient instruments such as crystal bowls, Shamanic drumming rhythms, Native American Flute, and Handpan to sooth and stimulate your body and mind. 


Music provides an organised way of offering sensory information and is an excellent therapy for people who struggle with sensory processing.


These are some of the gifts you can get from a Music Therapy session:

  • It’s FUN and easy for you.

Sensory music therapy isn’t invasive and can  be very enjoyable for you. Almost everyone like's some form of music, and so using it in therapy sessions brings on the relaxation response in your body and mind. It improves your ability to feel, think and communicate.

  • It can benefit people with a wide range of sensory conditions

Playing ambient music can help to lessen distress and encourage positive behavioural changes.

  • It can assist in regulating the brain processes.

It helps regulate how you organise your thoughts and you might feel safer and more relaxed in your environment. 


  • It can assist with brain function, movement, relaxation and calm.

It can strengthen your ability to connect to yourself and others and help improve your ability to communicate in healthy ways. 

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