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Jaylah Sound

What is Sound Healing

Sound healing is an ancient healing practice going back thousands of years with the Australian First Nations, Egyptians, Native Americans and many tribal cultures around the world.  

Ancients and mystics knew the healing power of sound. They knew sound is vibration and vibration is sound.


Science now shows that sound goes way beyond the 20-20K Hertz that we hear with our ears.  Our body is vibration, or sound, our thoughts, emotions and our Spirit are sound, In fact the world around us is also sound. See my blog on Energy Medicine to find out more.


When we are giving or receiving sound healing from all parts of ourself, body, mind emotions and Spirit we create harmony on all levels.

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Sound Healing Experience

When you expeience Jaylah Sound Journeys you will feel your nervous system relax and your heart more open.  A harmonious vibration is reached in each of your cells creating and activating the healing potential of each cell. 

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This rejuvenating experience will assist your body to balance your organs, glands, meridians and chakras increasing your body's ability to heal itself.

Allahna's Sound Journeys are intended to connect you with your Spirit. You may experience visions, intuitions and a deep knowing inside you.


A clarity or sense of rejuvenated joy, peace and purpose may arise.

Allahna creates thrilling sound adventures with artists and musicians form around the world including instruments such as didgeridoo (Yidaki), Classical bamboo flutes, Cello and more.

Contact Allahna

0432 737 333


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Singing Bowl Sound Healing

I’d been going to talk therapy for years and was getting nowhere. I’d been ignoring my emotions for a long long time and just using my brain, and it was making me miserable. When I came to Allahna’s Forrest Yoga classes I felt I could trust her, and I’ve never trusted anyone in my life.


I was doubting myself in every way, I felt Allahna believed in me. My body became more strong and open and I could start to connect with my emotions and listen to my body.


I also went to regular healing sessions with Allahna and I felt better after every session and gained a different perspective on life. I felt cared for for the first time ever! The inner child work we did helped me make sense of how my childhood trauma was still affecting my life. I am grateful that I can now detach myself from other peoples drama and have stronger emotional boundaries. I am still learning. I have the confidence now to go after my new career and change my life.


The music and movement fed my Soul.

Thankyou Allahna, you are a truly unique, kind and honest person and you have changed my life.

Rebecca G. Revell, Author

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