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Updated: Dec 12, 2023

It's time to take leadership of our own health to raise the Soul and Spirit of humanity. Energy medicine is making a comeback.

A human body with energy and light beaming out from it in all directions. Showing that energy is everywhere..

Every thing is made of energy, matter itself is actually energy. In this new quantum view of the world, energetic forces play a primary role in the understanding of biology. 

"When I was a young girl I knew I was in control of my body’s health. I could will my body to do something, and with my belief, it would. For example, I feigned sick to avoid bullies at school when I was 11yo and I knew that convincing my mother would require some real symptoms. So I simply imagined it was real and ...wallah, I was really sick. I quickly developed fever and tremors and I was diagnosed with glandular fever (I thought it was a silly diagnosis and knew the Doctor was just guessing). Once I felt the energy of the bullies at school had retreated enough, I formulated my approach to returning to school, and willed myself well very quickly. Not only could I use my powerful imagination to create changes in my body, I could also empath other people’s energy from a distance."

This is possible because energy becomes entangled and so we can’t separate anything, we are all connected. And so our approach to wellness needs to encompass our perceptions of the world, our relationships, and world issues because it all impinges on our health.

The old (allopathic) medicine relies on diagnoses, medications, surgery or radiation treatments. It's helpful for physical trauma or, to an extent infectious diseases, but very limited with the major illnesses of our time like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and other chronic illness. Additionally there are horrendous side effects of the treatments. 

The number 1 cause of death, is death by medicine. 

We need something bigger and better. And we all need to take leadership of our own health care. 

The new medicine sees the body as a dynamic system where all parts affect the others, we don’t have to resort to treating ourselves grossly but can treat ourselves through energy medicine.

Now over 50% of the population are using integrative medicine for wholistic health.

It’s becoming so popular because it:

  • is non invasive

  • is gentle

  • has no side effects

  • is cheaper than going to the Dr

  • gets to the root cause

  • empowers the individual

  • connects us to our body, mind and Spirit so a sense of true wholesome health is felt

Energy healing approaches have been around globally for many thousands of years and are making a comeback. 

Mind, emotions and Spirit were completely left out of the old medicine.

Historically Decartes was given dead bodies to examine and document, which was useful of course, but in effect everything about mainstream medicine is kind of dead and lifeless. Einstein and the advent of quantum physics show us the world is actually very different to what we have been told. It is exciting to finally incorporate the new quantum paradigm into medicine, where mind emotions and Spirit are central to health and healing.

We are not dictated by our genetic blueprint.

The field of epigenetics shows that identical cells behave very differently in diverse environments. In fact it has been shown that less than 5% of our health is determined by our genetics and the rest is determined by the environment. So everything in our surroundings, diet, air, how we feel, how we live our lives affects our genetic activation. These environmental factors translate directly to our internal terrain that surrounds our cells. The state of the terrain affects the gene expression.

We are made from outside in, not inside out. Our fate is controlled by our blood chemistry and adjusted by the way we perceive life. When we Love, we release into our bloodstream chemistry like, serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine which promote health and vitality. In contrast if we perceive threats all around us our body releases stress hormones and histamine, which shut down growth and expansion and take us into contraction, into fight or flight protection mode and the stress hormones that are released in this state. 

How we perceive the world is critical, because perceptions are converted into chemistry which controls our behaviour and health through genetic expression.

There really is magic and connection between all things.

Shamans and Mystics have always talked about the Great Spirit or source, an all encompassing collective energy. First Nations tribes all around the world have worked with this type of medicine for many thousands of years.

Personally, I have experienced and experimented with energy my entire life and have never doubted its existence. But many people who dont have the direct conscious experience of it need to see the research to believe it.

Now quantum physics has scientifically shown that there really is a quantum field. The new understanding is that “the Field” is what shapes matter and is the sole governing agency of a particle. 

This “biofield” permeates and surrounds every living being. There are many types of fields that science is discovering including electromagnetic, biophotons, low level particle light, sound fields, infrared emissions, brain and heart waves. 

Fritz Albert Popp, a German researcher in biophysics, ‘accidentally’ discovered that there is light coming out of all living things. This light, generated from within the body, acts as a global signalling system with the outside world. He found that when you treat an injured part of the body the entire light field around the body is changed.

This light field is the real orchestra of the body, not the genes. 

Our light fields extend throughout space as far as the universe goes and like stars we radiate light out into the cosmos. Therefore we can’t say my field stops here and yours starts there, no such boundaries actually exist. We are all entangled in this beautiful web of life energy.

The earth has some dominant frequencies such as the Schuman resonance which also resonates from our brains when we are very relaxed. You may have experienced this in a deep meditation or in Savasana at the end of a yoga class. It feels really good to relax into this spaciousness and we can learn to tap into it’s healing frequencies. 

Einstein said this wholistic view is the only reality that encapsulates a true picture of the universe. We are conditioned to think of things as separate but everything is part of a giant quantum energy field. This ancient view is making a comeback and ushering a revolutionary view of evolution and the human body. It brings forth ancient and new healing modalities that emphasise energy and vibration. 

Energy medicine regards the body not just as a bag of molecules but as primary fields of information that can be shifted by therapeutic modalities such as:


  • shamanic healing

  • sound healing

  • energy healing

  • kinesiology

  • Yoga

  • hydrotherapy

  • meditation

By shifting the frequency of the biofield we shift the dynamics of of the whole body towards health and wellness. 

Atoms are not physical they are like miniature tornadoes, each one is a biofield. 

The scan system, eg. CAT scans, PAT scans and SRI scans, look at these energy profiles of the body. Quantum physics tells us that energy can be better adjusted by other energy, rather than the harshness of pharmaceutical chemicals. 

Energy signals are 100X more efficient in controlling biology than chemicals. 

So moving away from the pharmaceutical model to the energy field model is a more efficient way of bringing health to our body.

Our emotional state defines our physical state.

Candace Pert in her ground breaking book "Molecules of Emotion” showed that every time we think or emote we are moving, and growing cells and changing the fabric of our body. Every thought is changing our emotions and our emotional expression is rewiring the brain. 

Fear, anxiety and stress impact our organs and send blood flow to our muscles ready for fight or flight. Emotions such as love, compassion, kindness brings back the blood flow to the vital organs, providing good nutrition and oxygen and removing waste so the cells can return to normal healthy function. 

Repressed emotions stored in the body rob us of energy that we could use for our own healing, joy and creativity. Every emotion plays an important physiological role in your body. Even just acknowledging an underlying emotion has been shown to trigger remarkable recoveries such as tumour shrinkage. 

When we desire to change our life the biggest challenge is that the subconscious mind doesn’t learn like the conscious mind. 

Ways to reprogram the unconscious mind:

  • repetition

  • get into a brain state where information can be downloaded into the subconscious mind

  • find ways to actively engage new programs for the subconscious mind

  • therapeutic touch can subtly direct attention to deeply suppressed emotions

  • shamanic healing ceremonies

  • sound and music frequency healing

  • kinesiology

  • yoga therapy

  • energy Healing

  • crystal healing

  • therapeutic Yoga (Forrest Yoga)

  • mindful movement modalities

  • hydrotherapy

  • feeling our (often repressed) emotion

Our heart generates the largest electromagnetic signal in the body 5000x greater than that produced by the brain. 

The heart is the central guidance system for the human body and mind. Not the brain. The heart actually receives lots of information before the brain and it informs the brain. Without the wisdom of the heart, our brain is extremely repetitive and has a negativity bias.

We are at the dawning of explosive new discoveries in quantum physics, genetics and the human energy field. 

It’s time to take charge of our own healing with mind body and energy healing techniques, and it is happening all over the world. There is a wave of higher vibrational energies such as peace, love and balance rippling out throughout the world, creating transformational shifts in consciousness and evolution.

Contrary to conventional Newtonian science which emphasises the Darwinian theory of evolution emphasising struggle and competition, evolution reveals a different story. Evolution is based on cooperation, community and harmony. 

At this current stage of upheaval in the world we are necessarily facing the evolution of all people coming together, recognising we are all a part of a bigger system. 

It’s not the individual human that’s evolving but the whole of humanity. 

Our greatest power is the power of unity. Energy healing modalities teach systems of reunifying humanity and the world. Energy medicine connects us with our own inner guidance, which is pivotal in navigating these changing times.  

Energy medicine brings us to touch the Soul and Spirit of humanity through the heart. 

But it goes further than that, it brings us together to use our minds powerfully to create a positive future together. We need to visualise and intend it together. 

By Allahna Jaylah BA BehSc Couns

Allahna is an integrative energy medicine practitioner offering in person (Sydney) and online healing sessions in a variety of modalities.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Do you want to check out the research? Start here:

In writing this blog I drew inspiration from the amazing work of Bruce Lipton PhD

Candace Pert PhD, Author of Molecules of Emotion

There are many peer reviewed research articles in the field of Energy Medicine.

Here's one to get you started:

Energy Medicine : Current Status and Future Perspectives.

By Christina Ross, PhD, BCPP1

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